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. >> dan: moments ago, mitt romney added another state to the win column. super tuesday show down is a fight to the finish. here is how things look so far. mitt romney has won, three states and rick season has taken tennessee, north dakota. big prize is ohio, still too close to call. karen traverse is live in columbus, ohio. >> we have a tight race here in ohio. it's been back and forth all night. but right now, mitt romney leads rick santorum by a couple thousand votes. >> it was the most coveted prize of the day. but the race here in ohio is still too close to call. but like a youth soccer league tonight, everyone going home with a on trophy. mitt romney won massachusetts as well as virginia and ver monitors. >> i'm not going to let you down. >> rick santorum picked up wins, in tennessee and oklahoma strengthening his case he is the top choice for conservatives. >> we're going to get at least a couple of gold medals and a whole pack of silver medals. >> newt gingrich won his home state of pennsylvania. >> tomorrow we'll bring another chapter for the race to the nomination. >> bu
carolina is the site of the summer's democratic national convention. >>> mitt romney may have captured the majority of the 10 states voting on super tuesday. but he is still struggling to cement his appeal among conservatives. a group is calling on newt gingrich to step aside so sanatorium can go head-to-head for the nomination. >> reporter: for weeks if not months, mitt romney has been the front-runner who can't break away from the pack. on super tuesday it was the same story. >> we will go day-by-day, step-by-step, door by door, start to heart. >> reporter: in ohio he appears to have stayed a slight step aide-santorum. >> when they thought okay he's finally finished, we -- we keep coming back. >> reporter: santorum won three of the 10 super tuesday states, newt gingrich took one, georgia. >> i'm the tortoise. >> reporter: the problem for gingrich and santorum, mass, romney has more than twice as many delegates of either of the two. >> they are going to make that no way that rick santorum can do this. two things, one mitt romney won the math but lost a big part of his mojo. >> reporte
. >>reporter: in addition to comparing himself to reagan, santorum took jab at front runner romney. brought a minieven sketch poking fun at comment made by romney aide who said the former massachusetts governor would be able to reset his campaign after the primary. >> governor romney said that after the sketch flap he would run as conservative in the fal fall. i'm not going to run as a conservative in the fall. i am a conservative, period. [applause]. >>reporter: it's up clear how much money was raised tonight but over all santorum trails romney by a huge margin. 15 million i don't know to romney 75 million. live inal month, abc 7 news. >> thanks for. that romney was endorsed today by former president george hw bush and his waive barbara. romney joined them in houston for announcement. former florida governor and george stayed out of the fray. >> apple manufacturing plant in china. audit at the plant found health safety and excessive over time violation. workers building and i.pad often worked 60 hours or more a week and not always paid for the over time. fox con will raws
finished 3rd -- mitt romney finished third. newt gingrich had 31% 1k3* mitt romney finished again third at 30%. in alabama santorum captured 35% and gingrich and romney finished with 29% of the vote. today's triumph has solidified santorum as the legitimate conservative alternative to romney. >> this campaign is about ordinary folks doing extraordinary things, sort of like america. >> one of the things proved is the elite media's effort to convince the nation that mitt romney is inevitable just collapsed. >> mitt romney has not made an announcement. romney is 472 and santorum is 2 to you are 4 and gingrich is 127. it takes 1,144 delegates to win the nomination. >>> a new roiters poll shows that more americans approve of the job president obama is doing. the approval rating is 50% of the the poll was taken last week on the heels of reports that 227,000 jobs were added to the u.s. economy. the percentage of americans who disapproved of the president now stands at 48%. that's down from 49% in february. >>> a timely lecture on the u.s. war effort in afghanistan. in berkeley members of the m
. >> thank you, alan. >>> super tuesday is history, and tonight it looks like mitt romney has won the big prize, the key state of ohio, but just barely. romney also took idaho, massachusetts, vermont, virginia and wyoming. rick santorum claimed wins in north dakota, oklahoma and tennessee leaving newt gingrich with a single victory, his home state of georgia. john alston has more on the hard fought contest. >> super tuesday usually has the effective thinking out of the ranks of candidates, but apparently not tonight. so many states split among the candidates, the beat goes on. >> he took the home state of massachusetts along with vermont, virginia and idaho. >> tonight we are doing some counting. we are counting the delegates for the convention, and it looks good. and we are counting down the days until november and now it looks even better. >> rick santorum picked up wins in tennessee and oklahoma. exit polls show he was the top choice among those whose religious views are most important. >> this was a big night. lots of states. we are going to win a few. we are going to lose a few. as i
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to be back at work. >> to national politic tonight. mitt romney has easily won the illinois republican primary. according to exit poll romney has once again the overwhelming choice for voters whose top priority is beating president obama. mr. tonight from karen travers. >>reporter: romney pulled out decisive win in the illinois primary. >> what a night. thank you illinois. what a night. wow! >>reporter: rick santorum lost a critical opportunity to score an upset. and a large chunk of delegates. >> won the area of conservative and republican populate and happy about. that happy about the delegates we get tishtion series of misstep in recent day hurt santorum including this statement yesterday. >> ybing what the unemployment rate is going to be. >>reporter: illinois had a more favorable electorate for romney than the southern states that voted last week. 7 in 10 illinois voters hailed from the suburb. less than half called them evangelical. quarter expressed a desire to see the candidate share the religious view. but republican race will continue to be a long hard job. romn
. >>> politics, mitt romney is celebrating his easy victory in the illinois republican primary tonight and rick santorum is looking ahead to the next contest. with 99% of the precincts reporting, romney wins 47-35% over santorum. but pennsylvania republican says he was happy to pick up a few more delegates and romney is shifting focus to president obama. >> day by day and job killing regulation by job killing regulation, bureaucrat by bureaucrat this president is crushing the dream and the dreamers and i will make sure that finally ends. >> one of the areas that the conservatives populate we are happy about that and we are happy about the delegates we will get too. >> romney has a total of 521 delegates to santorum's 253. it takes, keep in mind, 1,144 to win the nomination. the primaries in pennsylvania, santorum's home state and louisiana are next. >>> the cal state board granted 10% pay raises to the presidents of its east bay and fullerton campuses even though it is dealing with $750 million in budget cuts this year. and tonight leyland ye says he is ready to introduce legislation tomorrow f
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child at home. >> republican presidential candidate mitt romney made stealth campaign pit stop in the bay area tonight. sf the protestors waited outside a redwood city hotel to greet the candidate but he never paid a public appearance. he was takening fundraiser tonight co-hosted by hp ceo whitman. romney had 3 more fundraisers scheduled across the state tomorrow. rick santorum will be in the bay area this week as well for fund rateser scheduled for thursday at the jelly belly candy company this fairfield. santorum is open to being romney vice president if romney wins the nomination. residents poll of republican voters in california shows santor um trails romney by 19 percent. >> supreme court will get straight to the heart of the bottle over health care legislation tomorrow. they will hear arguments over the constitutionality of the provision in the law that requires americans to buy health insurance. today the justices decided to consider this issue quickly and not delay the decision until the full health care reformula goes into effect. right now the court is divided
the company offers them a contract similar to others. >>> mitt romney is in the bay area tonight holding a fund-raising reception at hotel in redwood shores. he is starting his day in san diego. it's his only public appearance of the day. california is the second largest source of campaign cash for romney. tickets range from $1,000 to $2500. it will be hosted by ceo meg whitman. santorum will be in the bay area this week. he will attend a fund-raiser on thursday in alamo. a new poll finds mitt romney has the greatest support out of california raps with 42% of registered voters. santorum is trailing by 19 points with 23% and newt gingrich and ron paul are distant third and fourth. >> labor activists have launched a campaign to encourage companies not to send jobs overseas. locally they have targeted the bay bridge. members of the alliance for american manufacturing paid for two billboards, should be made in america. they have placed those signs off of 880 in oakland and near the bay bridge toll plaza. they say similar ads wi be placed nationwide around dozens of projects so that federal a
than 400 delegates up for grabs today. the biggest battle is between mitt romney and rick santorum in ohio this morning those two took the opportunity to criticize their ultimate opponent, president obama, on the topic of israel. santorum and romney stepped off the campaign trail addressing the american-israel public affairs committee. >> he says he has israel's back. from everything i've seen from the conduct of this administration he has turned his back on the people of israel. >> israel's democratically elected leaders will always be welcomed and respected by my add station. israel's concerns prime minister is not just a friend he's an old friend. >> reporter: it was a chance for candidates to out to their platforms on the conflict between israel and iran. a fraction of the campaigning romney and santorum need to do to win over voters in 10 states. those in ohio first and foremost they are tied there ain't is a battleground state in the general -- there and it is a battleground state in the general election. >> we have courageous people that stood by us. >> reporter: ron paul fo
speed internet for $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one year term. at&t. >>> once again, mitt romney's campaign had to suddenly brake after hitting cruising speed. after handily winning the illinois primary and winning a key endorsement today one of the top advisors said something that he shouldn't have. more from abc's jake tapper. >> reporter: it was supposed to be a day for the campaign to revel in victory and try to get the party behind him. but then a top strategist was asked on cnn if romney had run too far to the right to win in november. >> he hit a reset button for the fall campaign. everything changes. almost like an etch-a-sketch. shake it up and start all over again. >> reporter: it was today a present for romney's rivals. democrats produced a web video and republicans could not resist. >> you are not looking for someone who is the etch-a-sketch candidate. you are looking for someone who writes what they believe in this stone and stays true to what they say. >> reporter: late this afternoon governor romney responded to the controversy saying the issues he is running on no
is a supporter of mitt romney. >>> on the eve of the biggest day of the republican race mitt romney and rick santorum ballots each other for super tuesday biggest prize. mark tonight with the fight and how it is shaping up for california. >>reporter: no matter who wins the contests tomorrow night the conditioned dads will split the delegates and in states where the vote is close, del gets will be pretty evenly split. >> we can have a good day tomorrow in ohio what do you think we are if a grit campan i need your help. >>reporter: of the 10 states voting tomorrow ohio the bi biggest. romney is surging in the buckeye statement he has been out spending santorum by more than 10 to wichbility is santorum ready to be president. he's never run a business. never run a state. would you have voted to let convicted violent felon rae gain the right to vote. santorum voted yes. >>reporter: he said today the fact that he's close in ohio shows that romney can not seal the deal with conservative. point that gingrich made in this one. >> conservative are fed up with the establishment picking our candi
gingrich is facing increased pressure to drop out. but if he does, it could actually help mitt romney win the nomination here in california. abc 7's political reporter mark matthews explains. >> rick santorum said again today it is time for conservatives to pull together. >> the time is now to make sure, to make sure that we have the best chance to win this election. >> many tea party conservatives see santorums chances getting better if newt gingrich drops out. >> it is clear the conservative candidate is getting to be rick santorum. >> splitting the conservative vote is working to romney's advantage. >> if gingrich were to drop out in illinois it would h help santorum. would have helped him in ohio and in michigan. >> abc 7's political analyst says when the race comes to california having gingrich in the race will more than likely help santorum especially if santorum appeals to social conservatives in the rural area of california while gingrich appeals to fiscal conservatives in san diego. >> it doesn't make either closer to beg the nominee but has a better shot at keeping mitt romney f
at the u.s. supreme court. >> verbal boxing match between russia president and mitt romney reaches 3 rounds. >> and crash test dumpy makes her mark. tonight who im women are more vulnerable in the car crash and which car is safest to drive. another half hour of crash and which car is safest to drive. another half hour of news is situation. good evening once again. look at the headlines we are following tonight. tonight storm is causing all sorts of problems. there are power lines down all around the bay area. cars spinning out. trees are falling on to homes like this one in castro valley. rain is still wide spread across the bay area but it is easing up a bit. >> suspended sheriff mirkarimi filed a petition to get his job back. mayor lee suspended him last weak for official misconduct after he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charge stemming from domestic violence charges against his wife and detectives now believe and seem convinced that missing teenager sierra la mar was kidnapped on her way to school and she did not run away from home. 15-year-old was last seen march 16. >>
mitt romney. the two will meet tomorrow in houston planning a public appearance together. former first lady barbara bush has already endorsed romney publicly. >> newt gingrich reorganizing his campaign team. he laid off a third of his staff yesterday and now he will be focusing on the low cost social at media campaigning. he listed 1 enough million dollars in outstanding -- 1 1/2 million dollar in outstanding debt last month. rick santorum called on gingrich supporters to back his campaign. he will speak to college republicans in wisconsin later today. tomorrow he's come together bay area for a private fundraiser in alamo. >>> jetblue airlines is suspending the captain whose meltdown caused panic. the fbi is investigating clayton osbon. the company's ceo said osbon was a consummate professional and nothing in his record to indicate risk. osbon appeared to have a mental or emotional break down halfway between new york and las vegas yesterday this is video shot . his co-pilot ended up locking him out of cockpit and he was tackled to the ground. a former new york corrections officer took
tell the story. >> poll ticket rick santorum delivers another jolt to mitt romney xaichbility he gets a southern sweep by winning tonight in mississippi and alabama. karen has the latest now on the republican race for president. >>reporter: rym swept the south. winning alabama and mississippi primary. >> you do your job. you do your job next week. we will nominate a conservative and if we nominate a conservative, we will defeat barack obama set this country back on the right track. thank you god bless. >>reporter: it boils down to a ballots for conservatives. evangelical made up 80 percent of today voter in alabama and mississippi. record turn out this primary season. tonight contest significantly shake up the race. but the stake were still high. santorum solidify the position as the true conservative in this race. romney aimed to show he can appeal to the base in the deep south. >> i have been employed in the private sector like you have. i want to use that experience to get america working again and solve the challenge of the great nation. >>reporter: south not a natural
still trails romney by huge margin 15 million to romney 75 million. california numbers. 500,000 check entered california while romney raked in more than 7 million. santorum told supporters here that they will have a voice in the presidential race this june and their reaction was enthusiastic. >> i thought it was really good. i came here a little undecided who i was going to be voting for the. he cleared my mind. >> we are going to have a say in this primary here in california possibly. radical islam that's what we have to deal w.he has been talking about it for years. he recognized it a long time ago. that's the real threat to us today. >>reporter: mark matthews 7 news. >> fv autism more common than previously thought. new figure from the center for disease control and prevention show you a tichl incriesed 23 percent in miles per hour kid between 2006 and 2008. one in 88 children are now considered to be on the autism spectrum up from 110. figure even hair for boys with 1 in 54 8-year-old affected. experts are not entirely sure is what causing the rates to go up so dr. matcly b
today in illinois, a key battleground state in the presidential race. mitt romney and rick santorum are expected to gather the most votes. both have been crisscrossing illinois in recent days coming within hours of each other. 54 delegates are at stake in a state that one of the last major battlegrounds before a three week lull in april. >>> kind of a lull now terms of the stormy weather. meteorologist mike nicco ahead. >>> a lot of small storms passing to our north giving us chances of rain everyday in the forecast. here's a look from vollmer peak this morning, pretty clear no flight arrival delays. >>> what happened to legendary aviator amelia earhardt 75 years ago? the role secretary of state clinton is now taking in solving this longtime mystery. >>> the boo-birds critics say derailed a wonderful moment for a basketball great during last night's warriors game what had fans turning on the >>> that's how things got started last night at the arena where the warriors retired a chris mullins's -- mullin's jersey. then it turned bad as co-owner joe lacob went to the mic fans let him k
wait wait covered up his microphone in jest. >>> small but group of protestors greeted mitt romney on campaign pit stop in the bay area. he's attend ago fundraiser co-hosted by hp ceo whitman at redwood city hotel. it costs 1,000 dollars and up for a person to get in. romney was there. has 3 fundraisers scheduled across the state tomorrow. rick santorum in the bay area on thursday. he will hold a rally at the jelly belly factory in fairfield. >> coming up. james cameron voyage to the bottom of the world. up next. bay area engineers and the custom made submarine exploring the ocean. >> ring side remembers this weekend boxing history. joe lewis died april 12th, 1981. >> and remembering one of bo lewis died april 12th, 1981. >> a[ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids? it's nice having u-verse, isn't it? see back in my day, we didn't have these newfangled wireless receivers. fangled? no, we watched march madness in the living room... that's where the tv outlet was. what is he talking about? and if mom was hosting her book club that day, guess missed it! we could
beating romney in head to head match up but after month of high gas he's a couple of points behind. >> there is no such thing as a quick fix when it comes to high gas prices. there's no silver bullet. anybody who tells you otherwise isn't really lacking for a solution. they are trying to ride the political wave of the moment. >>reporter: president republican challenger certainly riding hit. he has a two letter energy policy, n o. >> he wants expensive gasoline. >> california ans pay high praises. that will change. uc berkeley energy expert. >> looks like we are starting to see some retail price tee klein in california. come down a few cents. >>reporter: the professor says encouraging news is the whether he will se price fell 51 cents in the past 3 week. >> if things stay where they are we could see another 20 or 30 cents coming off of our gas praises over the next month or so. >>reporter: explanation has to do with why californians pay more than the rest of the country in the first place. california runs on very tight supply demand gasoline balance. we saw a month ago was
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